News 28/02/2017


Positive market signs

At Gefion Nordic Norway we are looking at a string of positive signs the energy market changing to the better. Request to our services are being received on regular basis now, and more activities seem to be planned and diploid in the market.

The queries have changed in content from being just a request, or a headline in the media, to being regular potential orders.

Not only manning queries within our segment of Drilling supervisors and In-house drilling supporters, but very much also within the services of well control survey and the various courses we offer within specific drilling related activities.

We are getting the same feedback from our collaborating colleges, who see the same trend coming up.

Not only the Norwegian sector, but very much also the international market is awakening and showing positive signs of activity level start rising again.

Said that and celebrated this positive development, the biggest challenge in the near future will be to ensure high-skilled personnel for this upcoming future demand in the industry.

The industry has lost many good skilled people over the last three years, and many good and high skilled people will be reluctant to a certain degree to return, as there exit not always were particularly pleasant resulting in a breach of trust in the industry.

The industry has a job to do, to re-establish this trust to attract and bring back these good people into the game, and especially to restore faith in the security and development potential in long term employment in the industry, for new coming personnel too!

Regained this trusting relationship, and to prepare our people for the upcoming market, we at Gefion Nordic Norway, see it as our outmost duty to pass on as much of industrial gathered knowledge to our present staff, and educate not only returning staff but especially all newcomers in such a way, that makes learning as interesting and instructive as possible ensuring maximum utilization of past and present experience, to prepare all of us for the time to come, and to contribute with the highest skilled and motivated staff possible.

Wish you all a fantastic day out there

Hygge hygge

Kurt Jahns, CEO

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